Dream come true

We reached the goal a year ago. Found a beautiful and quite traditional yet new yellow log house which soon came ours and now we live there together! We never thought we could reach the goal so quickly.

Soon it turned out that due his work, we can’t be together every day.

After the initial shock we’ve accepted the situation. It’s so much better than what we used to have. We can get together on most weeks for a long weekend. Sometimes I find it a bit heavy to have to be able to deal with everything that goes on with the house, kids, car and other bits and pieces of every day life. I bet it’s very heavy to commute abroad week after week. Not only because of the travelling but also due time difference, even if it’s not that many hours, and constant stealing hours from his sleep time.

On the other hand there are advantages too. We stay fresh to each other. It’s pretty impossible to get fed up with the partner when we never seem to have enough time together. It’s obvious that we still appreciate the time we spend together more than an average couple does. And of course there’s never a dull moment when we race from chores to shopping and from shopping to meet friends, back to chores, cooking and finally eating at 10 pm.

Every other weekend the kids are staying with their dad and that’s when we have the luxury of choosing what to do and how. Being able to dedicate an entire day for the relationship couple of times a month is priceless.

The best part of the dream came true: We have a Home filled with love and laughter.


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