Once upon a time

Once upon I lived in a country of thousands of lakes and green forests. I was a great war leader who fearlessly led my troops with my well trusted and loyal officers and generals and their troops to face the enemy. City by city we conquered the world and at some point we ran into this man who refused to die.

The man who lived behind the sea sent his homing pigeon to me. I got so many letters every day that it was a pure wonder I decided to answer his. After many phases we became friends. We were writing each other respectful and intelligent as well as totally hilarious and meaningless letters daily.

Days went by, weeks and months passed. It was about the time to face the reality. I was in love. I knew he had feelings too. We were both divorced and decided to meet after more than a years friendship.

I met him in a medieval city which was a real no man’s land for the both of us. I can still remember my heart racing before I knocked the door. He can still remember how he thought I had gotten cold feet and would never arrive. I knocked the door and there he was. Just like I always thought he’d be. Actually better than that. I could finally hug him, feel him and sense him like a real person.

What happened next will remain between me and him. All I can say is, that it was the best first date I’ve ever been to.


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