I have solved what am I going to do with the kids regarding to this blog. I can not just hide them as they are the most important thing in my life, so I decided to have them as the three very important characters of Higglety Pigglety place. And quite rightfully as they make the higglety piggletyness of my life exponential. A short introduction of my beloved ones will follow. I think it will reveal a great deal about myself as well.

Mr Good always wants to do the right thing. He wants it so badly and seriously that he ends up being very stern towards himself which is causing self respect and confidence issues. As we know all kids make mistakes as well as adults. Instead of learning from his mistakes he keeps beating himself up for these teeny weeny subjects. He is very cautious, doesn’t like surprises and prefers to be well prepared for the big and small things in life. And as he makes it absolutely sure he’s not going to end up disappointed later on, he usually is frustratingly pessimistic about anything new.  He could be called as Mr Miserable, Mr Sad or Mr Serious too. As a mother I always try to be gentle and understanding as well as push him a bit forward to sort of make it possible for him to see the bright side. He is actually a very smart and cabable ten-year-old. He is also very pleasant, calm, kind, trustworthy and righteous. It’s easy for me to understand him. I have a side that is just like him.

Little Miss Sunshine. She makes me happy. She makes me absolutely lose my mind in seconds and pull the hair out of my head. She gives me so much joy, but if I had the tendency to get grey hair, I’d be all grey by now. Years ago Little Miss Sunshine was diagnosed with hyper sensitiveness just so that we could get some much needed support for the everyday lives of ours. Hyper sensitiveness means that she senses the surrounding world and all its stimuli raw and strong. For example for years we wondered why is she escaping from us and hiding between the clothes on the clothing racks in the supermarket. It was simply because the whole experience of supermarket was totally overwhelming for her. Nowadays she’s fine in supermarkets and even in places such as fun fair. I know that holding my hand was and still can be very supportive and calming for her. It helps her feel safe and adjust to new situations. She’s very genuine, natural and spontanious. She doesn’t hold anything back. The boys in her class wondered why is she so bouncy. Well of course she is when she’s happy! It’s impossible for her to bottle up her happiness and enthusiasm. We’ve been doing door to door campaign for the scouts. Imagine her ringing the doorbell of a complete stranger and then bouncing her way through the words: “Would you like to support the scouts?” She’s just lovely. She can be quite consuming too and the hardest times with her come when we’re dealing with the negative emotions. We’ll be getting more support starting this autumn. She’s talented, creative and has got a fabulous imagination. I’ve learnt tremendously about myself with her. Watching her can be like looking into  a mirror.

Mr Cool is the youngest of the three. He is simply cool. He likes cool clothes and he’s not afraid to show he prefers wearing a proper shirt with a tie or a bowtie rather than a t-shirt. He loves cool stuff such as skate boarding, parkour, jumping on the trampoline, playing football, skiing, climbing in trees, playing cool games on his tablet and just hanging out with his cool friends in his cool kindergarten or with his brother and other big boys. He doesn’t seem to be insecure at all and actually had answered to this interview they wrote down for the parents at the kindergarten, that he never feels insecure in his life. He had also told that the most upsetting thing in his life is the fact that mum doesn’t let him jump on the trampoline during the nights. See, we’ve got some strict rules in this house! He also looks cool. No matter if he’s sucking his thumb or showing out his surprisingly fabulous dance moves. He’s about to lose his first tooth. He is starting to recognise most alphabets and some words too and he can already read numbers with up to seven digits and has shown he’s good in maths in general. I can thank Minecraft and gaming in general for that. He is laid back, easygoing and able to follow instructions. He can be a bit whiny and very lazy too, but let’s face it, he’s only six.

They call me äiti. It means mother in Finnish and was elected as the most beautiful word of the language. I see myself as their rock and my role as someone who bends (within reason) but doesn’t break and who enables things for them. It is my task to broaden their horizons so that eventually they can make the most of it by themselves. I’m very lucky to be accompanied by my Mr, their father and stepmother.


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