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Yesterday we celebrated Mr Good’s 10th birthday. I had already planned writing this, but now it seems even more adequate as yesterday we, all of his extended family, received this photo on WhatsApp and a message telling we are coming home. After two weeks he remembered to disable the plane mode on his phone. During the flight home I asked him to tell me about his experiences and I wrote all he told me down on post-it notes. The following travel story is written in his words, translated to English by his mother.

Day 1
We woke up at four am. We bugged out from Finland. We rented a car. You were looking at some old school of Mr and I was asleep. We ate at Blue Anchor which is a pub. We did some shopping. Then we went to the cottage and slept.

Day 2
We celebrated the English father’s day. We had cake. We drove around and visited the old sailing club of Mr. We went for a walk and I found funny spiky leaves and I wanted to bring one home for Mr Cool. In the evening Mr picked up Mr Skinny. (Mr Skinny is Mr’s youngest son.)

Day 3
In the morning Mr’s sister and brother-in-law arrived. We climbed up Catbells. It felt heavy. On the top the view was pretty good. In the end we were totally exhausted. In the evening we went for a pizza and it was really good. After that we popped over to the shop and had cake for pudding.

Day 4
We went to Go Ape Whinlatter with Mr Skinny. It was a real blast. At first I was nervous and excited but in the end I wanted to do it all over again. Then we ate cake. In the evening we went for a drive.

Day 5
We went to a water park. The best thing ever was to go in a flowing river with mum. We had fish and chips. We went to pick up Mr Music (He is Mr’s oldest son) and went to have tea in a pub. We went to a cinema to watch Jungle book. It was nice.

Day 6
We drove to Scotland. We went to see a triangle shaped castle in Scotland. The castle was a wreck, totally ruined, old-fashioned, great and exciting. We had a picnic. We also ate ice cream. We went to see a waterfall which was pretty small.

Day 7
We drove to Scotland again. In Edinburgh we went to Camera Obscura which was a fun place and really nice and I want to go there again. We went to a fancy cathedral and in the National Museum of Scotland we met Mr Bounce (Mr’s middle son) and his girlfriend. We had tea in a pub.

Day 8
We woke up, packed our stuff and tidied up. We drove here and there and went to a pub for cake. We drove to Lancaster to buy guns. On the way there we went to the seashore for a walk and there I found some sea shells and crab claws. We went to Manchester to our hotel and went shopping. It was heavier than mountain climbing. We ate at KFC.

Day 9
We woke up around seven. At breakfast I got pancakes and Nutella. Then we went home.

On my holiday I saw a lot of sheep, mountains and hills. We were driving totally on the wrong side of the road. That was complete madness. Loads of excellent climbing trees for Mr Cool. The next time I will come to England with Mr Cool. England is a funny and nice country where children can go in to the pubs. Little Miss Sunshine would like the sheep.

Editor’s note: We spent quite a bit of time planning this trip and also asked Mr Good’s opinion on what he wanted to see and experience on the holiday. For example the castle, water park, tree top adventure, Camera Obscura, waterfall and even the National Museum of Scotland were all picked after his likings. We did a lot of nice scenic drives to see the charming countryside in the Lakes and stopped every now and again for walks… But Mr Good mostly spent his time sleeping in the car and in the evenings he would spend hours and hours on his tablet or mobile benefiting from the free WiFi.

I’ll probably get back to this trip later on, at least in the form of photos if nothing else. As you could read we’ve now satisfied most of the needs of Mr meeting his adult sons and what my son wanted to do on his first ever trip abroad with me. In August I’ll be accompaning Mr on his business trip and then I’ll have time to pursue what ever I desire in the south of England.

p.s. The guns were plastic toy guns which the boys loved.


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