When I fell for the fells

We travelled to Keswick for a few days in July 2014. I had no idea where we were going and what to expect. I was my suspicious self as always. When we first arrived I was quite surprised, hid it well of course as I always do. Afterwards I revealed my excitement and joy over the entire trip.

The Lake District is like diving into another dimension: everything is quite old, places are beautiful enough to make you gasp, people in general are jolly, Internet is usually a bit poor and makes you thrilled when it works and it doesn’t even always rain! It is a place where most of the ugly sides of modern society are well hidden.

As I still have the 600 photos from my most recent trip to Britain on the memory card (because of more urgent photos to deal with before doing these) I dug out some of these older ones. I’ve limited them to Keswick.

I could easily grow myself roots in this place.
Evening walk along Lake Road
The center of Keswick and the Moot Hall
Keswick by night. The whole town is full of B&Bs, hotels, guest houses and other rentals for tourists, but the night time in the town center is very quiet and peaceful as majority of the people are funnily enough asleep and charging for the walks and other activities of the next day ahead.
View in the direction of Bassenthwaite Lake
This is a hill from Amazon jungle. No idea how this picture got here.
From the top of Latrigg. Those 368 meters almost killed me but oh well I here I am still.
Even though Latrigg isn’t a very high hill it offers you the best views over the town of Keswick and to the picturesque scenes of Catbells and the fells behind it.
Our local guides.

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  1. trying to decide where to go next in the Lakes and I think this has decided for me!

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    1. It’s a lovely place. I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. 🙂

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