When we bought the house, it seemed like a perfect package. The indoor spaces are nicely divided for the various needs and functions of the whole family. There’s space for cooking, socialising, leisure, guests, gaming, kids, work, rest, creativity and even for the cat.

Then there is the yard. It’s not ugly or totally hopeless but it’s not even close to the garden of my dreams. We have a small greenhouse, started a veg patch this spring, some fruit trees, random trees and bushes as well as a few very nicely planned and planted areas and lots of lawn as a big open space.

The garden of my dreams would be safely but friendly closed from the outside world. It would be a secretly lovely hiding place where to relax reading, playing games or why not even painting, drawing or knitting, have perfect setting for family birthday parties and other gatherings or just to sit down with a delicious piece of pie and a nice cup of tea. I always welcome silly garden gnomes, colourful lanterns hanging from the trees, candles in the wintertime or anything that is not too serious or modern. Dream garden would have an old chimney pot (I just love chimney pots! We don’t have anything as funny in Finland.) as a flower pot. At least one set of roses would be surrounded with seashells. I’d love the garden to be full and rich of shapes and colours. Mr has already found his inner Edward Scissorhands and I am not totally pleased about this. I guess he didn’t do any permanent damage, but we will definitely discuss carefully before his next cutting moves.

I’d love it to be blooming through the summer and sparkling in the winter. The crisp autumn air would full all my senses with the delightful colours of the leaves and the very last flowers. In the spring time my heart would be filled with joy as soon as I’d notice the first greens coming through the snow and dry yellow hays. Not to mention the snowdrops and crocuses. I love the seasons and I can’t think of anything better than to be able to enjoy them as soon as I open the door or even look out of the windows.

Sometimes the nature does get me. Just a moment ago I popped out on the porch and opened the door looking for my flipflops and there was a horrendeous noise as a bat took off from the ceiling. Right. I almost had a heart attack. I’m a person who prefers to walk around the house to the backdoor and wake up who ever needs to be woken up in the middle of the night for me to be let in, no matter how much noise and inconvenience it causes, in case there happens to be a frog sitting in front of the front door. And I scream when my kids scare me with slimy fake insects or slugs. I’m not much of a gardener but I’ve been lucky enough to be able to outsource this to the guy with muscles, scissors and shovels.

Oh yes! It’s vital that we can grow eatables as well as food for nourishing the mind and soul in the garden. We have wild and very unpredictable raspberries, a plumtee, couple of cherrytrees and same with the apples. We’ve got tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse, some herbs, unsuccessful strawberries, carrots and mad spinach in the vegetable patch and gooseberries, red and black currants and rhubarb. I would like to plant some bushes and small trees to give us the much needed privacy and to close the garden from the outside world. We’re planning to start forming aisles and footpaths bordered by perennials and we are even considering about growing our own potatoes!

Dill, a sneak peak of the carrots and enormous amount of parsley, which I love.
Mr found cucumbers today even though we thought they hadn’t succeeded. Brilliant! We also have lots and lots of tomatoes coming. Leek seems to be growing well enough but the springonions died. Next year we’ll try at least courgettes and pumpkins will have a second go as well. And peas. We need peas!
We’ll be getting quite a few apples this autumn. At the moment we remain hopeful about the cherries. Gooseberries will be ready to pick in four weeks or so.
Pansies (or violets?) are well worth sowing next year too. As well as those pretty blue ones. But geraniums were a big disappointment. I really really like bright red and powder pink ones but these very expensive seeds will never grow big enough plants in our harsh weather conditions. Just have to get the plants next summer.
Mr is working with these in the kitchen now. Last weekend we picked and froze 11,3 kilos of strawberries. We would have loved to double the amount this weekend but unfortunately the summer has been way too cold and rainy and the berries are rotting in the fields so the farmers can’t allow self pickers on the fields. Such a shame.

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