WPC – For details

These photos from few years ago came to my mind straight away as I read about the challenge for this week. Sometimes it’s impossible to be able to see the  details no matter how hard one tries. These clever little things might come handy then.

When I took the photos for a job thing, I was quite exhausted over the task of taking photos of pretty unimpressive objects for not a very meaningful publication. The work I did with the pictures after the actual photoshoot was just plain dead boring. Luckily I found these and some other interesting photos full of fascinating details as long as I had the patience to take the time to have a deeper look at the details.

A light bulb is just a light bulb. We all know what it does and it’s damn good at what it’s made for. The details of a single light bulb can lift it above the other ones, make it interesting, beautiful and even a fascinating combination of forms and shadows. If you think about this for a moment, you’ll notice the same fact goes with anything: cats, people, flowers… Think about it!








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  1. jytheadmin says:


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  2. KG says:

    So beautiful and a very apt for the challenge 🙂

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